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Prostate home test kit

Our home prostate test kit is an easy and dependable way to measure the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level in your blood - which is useful to help in diagnosing problems with the prostate.

prostate home test kit

on this page

To access our page dealing extensively with the prostate gland, diseases of the prostate, treatment of prostate disease and cancer, as well as possible ways to help prevent prostate problems, please click here.  

Intended use

This home prostate test is a rapid test intended as an initial semi-quantitative test to detect PSA blood levels higher than 4 ng/ml in whole blood. The test should be used as a screening test and as an aid to diagnosing elevated levels of PSA. Any positive results should be followed up by a visit to your doctor who may request further tests.

Storage prostate psa test

The prostate test should be stored at room temperate away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat.

Signs and symptoms of Prostate disease prostate psa test

Prostate disease may exist without any symptoms, however, one of the first signs of prostate disease is normally having difficulty with urination. Symptoms include a weak stream of urine, passing water for a long time, straining to urinate, unable to urinate or having to pass water at night.

To access our page dealing extensively with the prostate gland, diseases of the prostate, treatment of prostate disease and cancer, as well as possible ways to help prevent prostate problems, please click here.

What is the Prostate gland? prostate psa test

The prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system and its function is to add some secretions that make up semen. It is a small chestnut-shaped organ that is located just below the bladder in front of the rectum and surrounds the urethra like a doughnut.

prostate gland diagram

Schematic of where the prostate gland is situated

Prostate cancer prostate psa test

This refers to the uncontrolled malignant growth of cells in the prostate gland and the risk of prostate cancer increases with age and tends to occur in men over 50. Prostate cancer is the second most lethal cancer in men and accounts for one of one in ten of all cancer deaths in men in developing countries.

Prostate cancer can range from being a very slow growing tumor which causes very little trouble, to a fast growing, aggressive, life threatening tumor.


To access our page dealing extensively with the prostate gland, diseases of the prostate, treatment of prostate disease and cancer, as well as possible ways to help prevent prostate problems, please click here.

Diagnosing Prostate Disease prostate psa test

The first step toward diagnosing prostate disease include a digital examination by your medical practitioner and a blood PSA test. A PSA test should be part of the annual physical checkup of all men over the age of 50.

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) is produced exclusively by the prostate gland. The normal total PSA concentration in human serum or whole blood is 0.1 -2.6 ng/ml. Studies have suggested that an elevated level of PSA is the most useful tumor marker in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. There are however other factors that can cause elevated PSA levels and for more information please click here.

Directions to do the Prostate home test prostate psa test

  1. Remove the cassette from its pouch and place it on a flat surface.
  2. Cleanse the finger with a sterile swab and dry with a clean tissue. BEFORE CONTINUING - carefully read the instructions on how to use the Medlance finger pricker.
    1. Hold the Medlance in your one hand and twist off the protective sealing cap with your other hand and pull it off.
    2. Firmly press the Medlance against the selected fingertip, which has been sterilized, with an alcohol swab (included in our test) and press the button to release the needle.
    3. The needle will automatically eject itself from the sheath of the Medlance and penetrate the skin. It does not cause pain, and the finger prick that is formed is just large enough to squeeze out the required amount of drops of blood.
    4. Gently massage the finger towards the puncture site to obtain the volume of blood required.
  3. Turn the hand so that the blood drop hangs from the fingertip.
  4. Apply the end of the blood collection pipette to the blood flow to draw blood into the pipette without depressing the bulb of the pipette.
  5. Ensure that the pipette is filled to the line on the stem, and avoid drawing up air bubbles.
  6. Apply the blood from the pipette into the round sample well of the cassette by pressing the bulb.
  7. WAIT for the blood to be absorbed totally before continuing.
  8. Cut the end of the sealed pipette containing the diluent and add 3 (three) drops of the reagent to the sample well.
  9. Results are read 5 - 10 minutes for strong positives. Wait up to 15 minutes for weaker positives and to make sure that a negative test result is confirmed.
  11. Discard all test material and treat as hazardous waste.

To access our page dealing extensively with the prostate gland, diseases of the prostate, treatment of prostate disease and cancer, as well as possible ways to help prevent prostate problems, please click here.

Test results prostate psa test


Two colored lines appear in the window under the "T" (test) and the "C" (control) marks. The intensity of the T line may be darker than the intensity of the control ("C") line. Should the line appear under the "T" mark it means that your PSA level is high. Even a light colored line under the "T" mark should be considered as a positive result.

positive psa test

ANY POSITIVE RESULT must immediately be brought to the attention of your medical practitioner.


Only one colored line will appear under the "C" (control) mark. This means that your PSA level is normal.

psa test blood prostate cancer


If a line does NOT appear under the "C" (control) mark - even if a line appears under the "T" (test) mark - the test must be taken as invalid - and the test should be repeated.

To access our page dealing extensively with the prostate gland, diseases of the prostate, treatment of prostate disease and cancer, as well as possible ways to help prevent prostate problems, please click here.

Buying from us prostate psa test

R 100.00 per kit

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