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Methamphetamines / Ecstasy

Street Name: E, MDMA, MDA, MDEA, Pills, X and Love Doves.

Ecstasy is another name for methylene-dioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) and was originally synthesized as a drug to reduce appetite. The recreational use of the drug is thought to have been introduced in the early 80's and is linked to the "rave" culture.

ecstasy, methamphetamines

Ecstasy falls into a category of drugs between amphetamines and hallucinogens and is usually sold as small, round, white tablets with a picture printed on them, such as the hammer & sickle, a dove, a diamond, a smiley face or a diamond and is sometimes referred to by its appearance, e.g. "diamond" or "smiley".

There is a trend to sell other pills as ecstasy, which contain amphetamines or other substances that produce like effects, such as MDMA or MDA.

Use of Ecstasy Methamphetamines Ecstasy

An ecstasy "high" is usually achieved 20 minutes to an hour after the pill is swallowed. Dilated pupils, dry mouth and tingling are reported initially, followed by "butterfly's in the stomach". A feeling of euphoria and calmness is usually achieved, which lasts up to 6 hours.

Danger of Methamphetamines / Ecstasy use Methamphetamines Ecstasy

The greatest danger when using ecstasy is dehydration and heat exhaustion and it is reported to be advisable to drink lots of liquid when dancing during an ecstasy high. On the other hand, there is a theory that ecstasy may negatively influence the kidneys and cause fluids to build up in the kidneys causing kidney failure.

Urine retention, failure to sweat, cramps, headache, fatigue, vomiting and fainting have been reported to occur after taking ecstasy, and these are symptoms of a negative reaction. Medical help should be sought if these symptoms occur.

Effects of Methamphetamines / Ecstasy Methamphetamines Ecstasy

Taking ecstasy heightens moods or feelings, and the danger is that a bad "trip" may be experienced if a person is down and depressed. Ecstasy is regarded as a safe drug by users, but deaths have been reported, due to either an allergic reaction, dehydration or heat exhaustion.

Ecstasy increases the heart rate and causes the blood pressure to rise, and people with a prevailing heart condition or weakness in an artery are at an increased risk of a stroke or heart attack when using ecstasy.

Addiction Methamphetamines Ecstasy

Psychological addiction to ecstasy has been reported, and underlying psychological problems may surface and intensify due to use of the drug. Tolerance to ecstasy develops quickly, and more and more of the drug has to be taken to reach the original "high".

Co-ordination is effected and accidents do occur due to impaired motor skills. It has been reported that depression and irritability follow use of ecstasy, usually for a few days after use.

Information pages

Our home test kits
Urine test strips - testing for:
:: Glucose
:: Ketones
:: Blood / Hemoglobin
:: Protein
:: Nitrite
:: pH
:: Urobilinogen
:: Bilirubin
:: Leucocytes
:: Specific gravity

Breast Aware (breast examination pad)

Alcohol breathalyzer (disposable)

Ovulation tests (testing fertility periods or periods when you won't conceive)
Malaria test kit - testing for:
:: Plasmodium falciparum (Pf)
:: Plasmodium vivax (Pv)
:: Plasmodium ovale (Po)
:: Plasmodium malariae (Pm)

Prostate test (PSA test)

HIV test /Aids test (testing for HIV 1 and 2 antibodies)

Drug test (5-in-1 assay) testing for:
:: Cocaine (crack and cocaine derivatives)
:: THC (marijuana, weed, grass, hashish etc)
:: Amphetamines (speed, uppers, base)
:: Opiates (morphine, opium, heroin)
:: Methamphetamines (meth, ice, e, ecstasy)


Information pages
Urine testing
:: Kidneys and their functions
:: Kidney function regulating body fluids
:: Bilirubin in urine
:: Blood in urine
:: Glucose in urine
:: Ketones in urine
:: Leukocytes in urine
:: Nitrite in urine
:: ph of urine
:: Protein in urine
:: Specific gravity of urine
:: Urobilinogen in urine
:: Parameters of urine test strips (dip sticks)

:: Drug detection periods
:: Most common drugs
:: Drug slang words
:: How do drugs work
   ::: Amphetamines - speed, uppers
   ::: Cocaine - crack, nose candy
   ::: Methamphetamine - ecstasy, e, ice
   ::: Opiates - morphine, opium, heroin
   ::: Phencyclidine hydrochloride - pcp, angel dust
   ::: THC - cannabis, marijuana

Breast cancer
:: Description and function of the breasts
:: Diseases of the breast
:: Benign breast conditions
:: Malignant breast conditions
   ::: Types of breast cancer
   ::: Symptoms of breast cancer
:: Causes of breast cancer
:: Diagnosing breast cancer
:: Treatment of breast cancer
:: Living with breast cancer

Prostate health
:: Prostatism or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
:: Prostatitis
:: Prostate Cancer
   ::: Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
   ::: Cause of Prostate Cancer
   ::: Diagnosing Prostate Cancer
   ::: Treatment for Prostate Cancer
:: Living with Prostate Cancer
:: Depression
:: Erectile Dysfunction
:: Incontinence
:: General information on malaria
:: Types of malaria
:: People at high risk of malaria infection
:: Lifecycle of the plasmodium parasite
:: Preventing malaria
   ::: Protective clothing
   ::: Insect repellent
   ::: Bed / sleeping mosquito nets
   ::: Room management
:: Diagnosing malaria
:: Symptoms of malaria infection
:: Anti-malarial drugs
   ::: Doxycycline
   ::: Mefloquine (Larium™)
   ::: Atovaquone and proguanil combination (Malarone™)
:: Testing for malaria
   ::: Home testing
   ::: Laboratory testing
   ::: Other tests that could be done
:: Consequences and outcome of malaria infection
:: Malaria in Southern and South Africa

HIV / Aids
:: General information
:: Symptoms
:: Facts and frequently asked questions
:: Spreading the virus
   ::: Kissing
   ::: Oral Sex
   ::: Vaginal Sex
   ::: Anal Sex
   ::: Condoms
   ::: Female condoms
   ::: Drug Use
   ::: Tattoos
:: Health care workers and you
:: "Rapid" home Aids Tests
:: Approved drugs and treatments
:: Schematic drawing of life cycle

Ovulation / Fertility
:: Fertility drugs
:: Ovulation calculator (period in which you are most likely to conceive)


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