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Map and directions to the office of Sallamander Concepts

177 Hamilton Street
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa


Telephone +27 21 591 1944
Fax +27 86 542 0381


From N1 National Road:

  1. Take the M26 (Monte Vista Blvd) offramp and turn to Goodwood (Vasco Blvd Drive).
  2. At first intersection after Frans Conradie (2nd set of traffic lights) turn right into Smartt Rd.
  3. At 6th intersection turn right into Hamilton St.
  4. Second House on the left is us at 177.

From Cape Town International Airport:

  1. Get onto the N2 National Road (Settler's Way) towards Cape Town.
  2. Take the N7 Vanguard Drive offramp.
  3. Turn towards Goodwood on N7 (Jakes Gerwel Drive).
  4. Turn right into Frans Conradie Drive (M25).
  5. Turn right into Alice Street.
  6. At first intersection turn left into Smartt Rd.
  7. At 5th intersection turn left into Hamilton St.
  8. Second House on the left is us at 177.


Google Maps - Map with N1 Highway Showing

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