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Cocaine and crack

Street names: Rock, Charlie, Coke and Snarfy.

Cocaine is sold as a white powder and is derived from coco leaves (Erythroxylon coca). It can be smoked, inhaled ("snorted") or injected and is metabolized in the body to form the compound benzoylecgonine.

cocaine crack urine test

South American Indians in the Andes have been chewing coco leaves for thousands of years for the narcotic effect and the Spanish conquistadors, although officially very against the practice, introduced the leaf to Spain and the practice (of chewing coco leaves) gradually filtered through to the rest of Europe.

Cocaine was widely prescribed as an ingredient in tonics and was even one of the ingredients in Coca Cola, until the 1900's when the manufacturers decided to remove it from the formula due to public demand.

Use of cocaine cocaine

Cocaine is usually sniffed or "snorted". This is done by forming a small, thin line of the powder (commonly known as a "line") on a flat surface and bringing the nostril close to the one end of the "line" and inhaling sharply whilst following the line of powder.

A tube may also be used to facilitate inhalation. This is sometimes followed by rubbing the remaining dregs of powder onto the inside of the mouth and on the gums. The drug is also injected intravenously, and may be mixed with heroin in the syringe to produce a drug called "Speedball".

An intense feeling of euphoria and energy is reported to occur on sniffing cocaine and the "high" lasts for around about 15 minutes.

Cocaine users reportedly do not develop a tolerance for Cocaine, so the amount inhaled or injected usually produces the required "high" without having to be increased with subsequent use, but the temptation to increase the dose to intensify the effect of the drug is reportedly very high.

When the effects of the "high" wear off the user usually feels tired and depressed and this encourages the user to use more cocaine.

Addictive effects of cocaine cocaine

Dependency is still being debated, with conflicting reports as to the addictive effects of cocaine.

Constant use of cocaine damages the membrane of the nose and causes a weakening of the septum, and total disintegration of the septum may occur.

Nose bleeding is very common when sniffing cocaine. The euphoria and energy experienced in the "high" are eventually replaced by nausea, irritability, restlessness and paranoia in prolonged use.

Most cases of prolonged cocaine use have resulted in the development of paranoid psychoses, and some cases have been reported to be irreversible.

Crack is sold in crystals or "rocks", is smoked, and is a much purer form of cocaine, producing a longer "high" - being more readily absorbed through the lungs.

This form of cocaine is extremely addictive and causes severe respiratory problems along with the above-mentioned side effects.

A simple urine test sold by us can detect the presence of cocaine and to view this test kit, please click here.

Information pages

Our home test kits
Urine test strips - testing for:
:: Glucose
:: Ketones
:: Blood / Hemoglobin
:: Protein
:: Nitrite
:: pH
:: Urobilinogen
:: Bilirubin
:: Leucocytes
:: Specific gravity

Breast Aware (breast examination pad)

Alcohol breathalyzer (disposable)

Ovulation tests (testing fertility periods or periods when you won't conceive)
Malaria test kit - testing for:
:: Plasmodium falciparum (Pf)
:: Plasmodium vivax (Pv)
:: Plasmodium ovale (Po)
:: Plasmodium malariae (Pm)

Prostate test (PSA test)

HIV test /Aids test (testing for HIV 1 and 2 antibodies)

Drug test (5-in-1 assay) testing for:
:: Cocaine (crack and cocaine derivatives)
:: THC (marijuana, weed, grass, hashish etc)
:: Amphetamines (speed, uppers, base)
:: Opiates (morphine, opium, heroin)
:: Methamphetamines (meth, ice, e, ecstasy)


Information pages
Urine testing
:: Kidneys and their functions
:: Kidney function regulating body fluids
:: Bilirubin in urine
:: Blood in urine
:: Glucose in urine
:: Ketones in urine
:: Leukocytes in urine
:: Nitrite in urine
:: ph of urine
:: Protein in urine
:: Specific gravity of urine
:: Urobilinogen in urine
:: Parameters of urine test strips (dip sticks)

:: Drug detection periods
:: Most common drugs
:: Drug slang words
:: How do drugs work
   ::: Amphetamines - speed, uppers
   ::: Cocaine - crack, nose candy
   ::: Methamphetamine - ecstasy, e, ice
   ::: Opiates - morphine, opium, heroin
   ::: Phencyclidine hydrochloride - pcp, angel dust
   ::: THC - cannabis, marijuana

Breast cancer
:: Description and function of the breasts
:: Diseases of the breast
:: Benign breast conditions
:: Malignant breast conditions
   ::: Types of breast cancer
   ::: Symptoms of breast cancer
:: Causes of breast cancer
:: Diagnosing breast cancer
:: Treatment of breast cancer
:: Living with breast cancer

Prostate health
:: Prostatism or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
:: Prostatitis
:: Prostate Cancer
   ::: Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
   ::: Cause of Prostate Cancer
   ::: Diagnosing Prostate Cancer
   ::: Treatment for Prostate Cancer
:: Living with Prostate Cancer
:: Depression
:: Erectile Dysfunction
:: Incontinence
:: General information on malaria
:: Types of malaria
:: People at high risk of malaria infection
:: Lifecycle of the plasmodium parasite
:: Preventing malaria
   ::: Protective clothing
   ::: Insect repellent
   ::: Bed / sleeping mosquito nets
   ::: Room management
:: Diagnosing malaria
:: Symptoms of malaria infection
:: Anti-malarial drugs
   ::: Doxycycline
   ::: Mefloquine (Larium™)
   ::: Atovaquone and proguanil combination (Malarone™)
:: Testing for malaria
   ::: Home testing
   ::: Laboratory testing
   ::: Other tests that could be done
:: Consequences and outcome of malaria infection
:: Malaria in Southern and South Africa

HIV / Aids
:: General information
:: Symptoms
:: Facts and frequently asked questions
:: Spreading the virus
   ::: Kissing
   ::: Oral Sex
   ::: Vaginal Sex
   ::: Anal Sex
   ::: Condoms
   ::: Female condoms
   ::: Drug Use
   ::: Tattoos
:: Health care workers and you
:: "Rapid" home Aids Tests
:: Approved drugs and treatments
:: Schematic drawing of life cycle

Ovulation / Fertility
:: Fertility drugs
:: Ovulation calculator (period in which you are most likely to conceive)


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