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Research on Aids and HIV

Although a huge amount of research has already been done on the treatment and containment of Aids and HIV, a cure for it has still not been found. Since new discoveries are constantly reported in the media, it is impossible to keep information current - and your best source is daily news, radio and television updates.

research on aids hiv on this page

Side effects of certain HIV / Aids drug treatments

Another problem with cutting edge research on Aids and HIV is that when some drugs and treatments are released, they are just as quickly withdrawn from use when undesirable side effects are reported.

A problem with the study into this field is the urgency in which it is undertaken, as millions of people are already infected with the virus and thousands of people die daily of it, or related diseases. The price of any new medicine and treatments are also high since the research and development of such compounds are expensive.

The question of price does pose a moral question - especially for poorer countries and communities. Is it correct for pharmaceutical companies to charge high prices for their newly developed drugs, and if not, who should bear the cost.

The ultimate cost of this virus will only be felt much later in this new century as it is effectively causing genocide in the world at large, which will impact on the economy of each and other nation on this planet.

Maybe for this reason, all governments should bear the cost of fighting this deadly disease, as all countries, irrespective of their geological location or interaction in the international arena, will feel the global effect that this virus is wreaking.

Approved drugs and treatments for HIV / Aids infection

At the time of writing this particular page, the following were approved drugs and treatments available for the treatment of the virus and related diseases. They are all now seen as "old" drugs, but it is still interesting to see the range of drugs and treatments that were developed to help fight this worldwide problem.



Glaxo Wellcome



Glaxo Wellcome


Panretin gel 0.1%

Ligand Pharmaceuticals

Amphotericin B Liquid Complex

Abelcet / ABLC / Ambisome

The Liposome Company


Mepron / 566C80

Glaxo Wellcome






Pfizer, Inc.


Vistide / HPMPC

Gilead Sciences, Inc.


Biaxin / Klacid

Abbott Laboratories

Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex


Accelerated Approval




Delavirdine mesylate

DLV / Rescriptor

Pharmacia & Upjohn


DDL / Dideoxyinosine / Videx

Bristol Myers-Squibb

Doxorubicin hydrochloride-liposomal


Sequus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.



Roxane Laboratories



DuPont Pharmaceuticals


EPO / Epogen / Procrit




SmithKline Beecham



Pfizer, Inc.

Fomivirsen Sodium Injection

Vitravene intravitreal injectable

Isis Pharmaceuticals



Astra Pharmaceuticals


IV and oral - Cytovene / DHPG



Implant - Vitrasert

Chiron Corporation

Indinavir sulfate

Crixivan / IDV / MK-639

Merck & Co.

Interferon Alfa2b


Hoffmann-La Roche



Janssen Pharmaceutical


Epivir / 3TC

Glaxo Wellcome



Glaxo Wellcome

Megestrol acetate


Mead Johnson Laboratories

Nelfinavir mesylate

NFV / Viracept

Agouron Pharmaceuticals


Viramune / BI-RG-587

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.



Bristol Myers-Squibb Pharmaceutical Institute


Aerosolized - NebuPent



Ansamycin / Mycobutin

Adria Laboratories


Norvir / ABT-538

Abbott Laboratories

Saquinavir mesylate

Fortovase (soft gel capsule) / Invirase (hard gel capsule) / SQV

Hoffmann-La Roche

Somatropin rDNA


Serono Laboratories


d4T / Zerit

Bristol Myers-Squibb



Glaxo Wellcome



Hoffmann La-Roche

Trimetrexate glucuronate

(with Leucovorin) / Neutrexin / TMTX

U.S. Bioscience


ddC / Dideoxycytidine / HIVID

Hoffmann-La Roche


Azidothymidine / AZT / Retrovir / ZDV

Glaxo Wellcome

aids hiv test kit

Other HIV/Aids related questions

Our home test kits
Urine test strips - testing for:
:: Glucose
:: Ketones
:: Blood / Hemoglobin
:: Protein
:: Nitrite
:: pH
:: Urobilinogen
:: Bilirubin
:: Leucocytes
:: Specific gravity

Breast Aware (breast examination pad)

Alcohol breathalyzer (disposable)

Ovulation tests (testing fertility periods or periods when you won't conceive)
Malaria test kit - testing for:
:: Plasmodium falciparum (Pf)
:: Plasmodium vivax (Pv)
:: Plasmodium ovale (Po)
:: Plasmodium malariae (Pm)

Prostate test (PSA test)

HIV test /Aids test (testing for HIV 1 and 2 antibodies)

Drug test (5-in-1 assay) testing for:
:: Cocaine (crack and cocaine derivatives)
:: THC (marijuana, weed, grass, hashish etc)
:: Amphetamines (speed, uppers, base)
:: Opiates (morphine, opium, heroin)
:: Methamphetamines (meth, ice, e, ecstasy)


Information pages research aids HIV
Urine testing
:: Kidneys and their functions
:: Kidney function regulating body fluids
:: Bilirubin in urine
:: Blood in urine
:: Glucose in urine
:: Ketones in urine
:: Leukocytes in urine
:: Nitrite in urine
:: ph of urine
:: Protein in urine
:: Specific gravity of urine
:: Urobilinogen in urine
:: Parameters of urine test strips (dip sticks)

:: Drug detection periods
:: Most common drugs
:: Drug slang words
:: How do drugs work
   ::: Amphetamines - speed, uppers
   ::: Cocaine - crack, nose candy
   ::: Methamphetamine - ecstasy, e, ice
   ::: Opiates - morphine, opium, heroin
   ::: Phencyclidine hydrochloride - pcp, angel dust
   ::: THC - cannabis, marijuana

Breast cancer
:: Description and function of the breasts
:: Diseases of the breast
:: Benign breast conditions
:: Malignant breast conditions
   ::: Types of breast cancer
   ::: Symptoms of breast cancer
:: Causes of breast cancer
:: Diagnosing breast cancer
:: Treatment of breast cancer
:: Living with breast cancer

Prostate health
:: Prostatism or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
:: Prostatitis
:: Prostate Cancer
   ::: Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
   ::: Cause of Prostate Cancer
   ::: Diagnosing Prostate Cancer
   ::: Treatment for Prostate Cancer
:: Living with Prostate Cancer
:: Depression
:: Erectile Dysfunction
:: Incontinence
:: General information on malaria
:: Types of malaria
:: People at high risk of malaria infection
:: Lifecycle of the plasmodium parasite
:: Preventing malaria
   ::: Protective clothing
   ::: Insect repellent
   ::: Bed / sleeping mosquito nets
   ::: Room management
:: Diagnosing malaria
:: Symptoms of malaria infection
:: Anti-malarial drugs
   ::: Doxycycline
   ::: Mefloquine (Larium™)
   ::: Atovaquone and proguanil combination (Malarone™)
:: Testing for malaria
   ::: Home testing
   ::: Laboratory testing
   ::: Other tests that could be done
:: Consequences and outcome of malaria infection
:: Malaria in Southern and South Africa

HIV / Aids
:: General information
:: Symptoms
:: Facts and frequently asked questions
:: Spreading the virus
   ::: Kissing
   ::: Oral Sex
   ::: Vaginal Sex
   ::: Anal Sex
   ::: Condoms
   ::: Female condoms
   ::: Drug Use
   ::: Tattoos
:: Health care workers and you
:: "Rapid" home Aids Tests
:: Approved drugs and treatments
:: Schematic drawing of life cycle

Ovulation / Fertility
:: Fertility drugs
:: Ovulation calculator (period in which you are most likely to conceive)

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